Letters from Children to Santa Claus, Boones Creek News, 1904

Vintage letters to Santa have become a regular in my column at Christmas time. Today, nine of them from 1904 are presented without regard to spelling, punctuation and grammar; they are just as they arrived at the North Pole:

“Dear Santa Claus – Bring me an air gun an bicycle and some oranges apples candy and nuts and bring my baby brother a bugle or rattler. (Cyrus Lynn Scott, Watauga, TN).

“Dear Santa Claus – As Christmas will soon be here, we thought we would write and let you know what we want. Kathleen wants a story book, candy, nuts, oranges and some bananas. Eva Lee wants a doll, a doll bed, nuts and candy. (Kathleen and Eva Lee Campbell, Johnson City).

“Dear Santa Claus – I can hardly wait till you come. I am so glad Christmas is near I want so many things I dont know which the worst. Please bring me a doll dressed in pink and ring and lots of things and don't forget to bring my doll dressed in pink and my ring because I'll try not to loose it and be sure to bring my little sister and brother something nice for Christmas. Your little girl, (Sarah McCown, Johnson City).

“Dear Santa Claus – I am 10 years old and live at 207 Pine and Buffalo St. Please bring me a foot ball sweater a pair of leggins a pair of kid gloves a little search light a story book please bring 4 big and 4 middle and a box of little fire crackers a few roman candles and a few sky rockets that is all this time. (Lynn Mitchell, Johnson City).

“Dear Santa Claus – I am a little girl eight years old and am in the third grade. I want a few things for Christmas. Please bring me a game of old bachelor a horn a story book and a clown doll also some candy nuts and oranges just as many as you can carry. Don't forget mama and papa mama wants a pretty fur to keep her neck warm and papa wants a 2 foot boxwood brassbound rule. Bring all the little folks something. Come into the hall our room is the first on the left I will leave the door unlocked so come right in. Wishing all my little friends in Johnson City a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Your friend. (Kathleen Hodge, letter mailed to Johnson City newspaper from Leavenworth, KS).

“Dear Santa Claws – I want you to bring me a watch and a tricycle and some story books a lot of candy. (Byron Eiseman, Johnson City).

“Dear Santa Claus – I thought I would right you a letter and tell you what I want for Christmas I would like a pare of rubber shoes to wear to school and a pare of warm gloves a doll and some sweet meets I am eight years of age and go to school. Miss Painter is my teacher. I love her very much. (Lula Tonhay, Johnson City).

“My dear Santa Claus – It is so kind of you to give us a chance to write to you and I hope I will not ask too much. Please send me a great big doll in a bed a doll in a go cart and a set of dishes and please bring my brothers in Brookline, Mass., all they want. (Helen Wood, Johnson City).

“Dear Santa – I am a little boy five years old and I want you to bring me a story book and a horn and candy and anything you have. (Wan. C. Miller, Piney Flats).”

In addition to letters to Santa, the same newspaper offered 11 news items from Boone's Creek community:

“Misses Lena and Buena Hale have been visiting Miss Lee Miller on Kendrick's Creek a few days.

“Mr. D.J. Hickman, salesman for the Cox Hat Co., is at home for the holidays.

“Miss Mary Carter is on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Massengill of Bluff City have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. D. Hale.

“George Naff of Johnson City visits on the creek quite frequently.

There will be a Christmas tree entertainment at the Baptist Church at Flourville, Dec. 24.

Misses Lottie and Lula Hankal were in Johnson City Christmas shopping last Wednesday.

“Messrs. James Wine, Earl Garst, Paul Bowman and Misses Anna and Pearl Garst visited on Knob Creek Saturday and Sunday.

“There are few rabbits left in this neighborhood because Messrs. Culp, Hankal and Wine went hunting Saturday.

“Rev. C.D. Hylton has closed the meeting at Knob Creek. As a result of the meeting, six people joined the Boones Creek Church and eight at the Knob Creek Church.

“There will be an entertainment at Boones Creek Seminary Thursday and Friday nights. Dec. 22 and 23.”