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100 Lots Were Targeted To Be Sold in Johnson City in the West Park Addition on May 15, 1905 May 12, 2019 Local Sites - Now Is Your Chance! To Secure A Home Or Make An Investment. "Read This Twice, Tell Your Neighbor And Then Act. 100 Lots In West Park Addition To Johnson City, Tenn. To Be Sold At Public Action To The Highest Bidder Monday, May 15, 1905. Being A Non-Resident, I Have Decided To Sell Off A… Continue Reading
Brochure Proudly Proclaimed Jonesboro as “Mother of Tennessee” October 31, 2016 Local Sites - A 1969 promotional brochure, produced by the Jonesboro (earlier spelling) Kiwanis Club, Washington County and the Town of Jonesboro, impressively described the historic borough as the “Mother of Tennessee.” The Chester Inn in Jonesboro The publication offered a succinct history of Jonesboro: “A mirror of Colonial America history, it is the oldest town in Tennessee… Continue Reading
“The Land of the Long Rifles” Once Welcomed Visitors to Area March 28, 2016 Local Sites - I acquired an old brochure titled: "The Land of the Long Rifles Welcomes You to the Nation's Frontier Playground, East Tennessee." Although the publication is not dated, I will address in my last paragraph two clues that identifies the date. "Here is a country bordered by magnificent mountain ranges, network by great man-made lakes, rich… Continue Reading
Civil War Book Further Corroborates White Rock Collapse Story September 27, 2010 Local Sites - This past January, I wrote about White Rock Summit, the tallest peak on Buffalo Mountain that collapsed in 1882, as reported by several newspapers around the country. The massive rockslide was precipitated by two weeksof steady rain that flooded a sizable portion of East Tennessee that extended west to Knoxville. Damage was widespread. Two people… Continue Reading
Pauline Miller Shares Youthful White Rock Memories March 22, 2010 Local Sites - I received a letter from Pauline Asbury Miller of Erwin saying my recent article concerning the collapse of White Rock Summit on Buffalo Mountain brought back so many fond memories of her teenage years. Mrs. Miller was born in 1918 in Bluefield, WV and moved to Johnson City in 1932. She married Robert H. Miller… Continue Reading
Buffalo Mountain’s White Rock Summit Violently Collapsed in 1882 January 25, 2010 Local Sites - Recently, I spotted an eye-catching news item that I had not heard before that was reported in several 1882 newspapers around the country. Something noteworthy happened in our region 128 years ago this past January 25. According to the source, the roughly 750 townspeople of Johnson City experienced an event that left them helpless and… Continue Reading
Pat Eunis Shares Memories of Johnson City, Especially Keystone December 28, 2009 Local Sites - Pat Greer Eunis recently shared her remembrances of living in Johnson City, particularly in the Keystone area of town. After residing in JC since 1940, she moved away in 1965 but returned in 2006. Upon arrival back in the city, Pat leisurely drove around the streets to rekindle memories of her youth. She warmly recalled… Continue Reading
Reader Provides Memories of Asbury Community and Old Wooden Bridge January 21, 2008 Local Sites - I received a note from Robert Walden who has lived in the same house for 41 years in Asbury community in the west part of town. He listed several families who had also resided there for many years: the Rouths, Sneyds, Livingstons, Hensons, Harrisons, Tiptons, Wards and McCurrys. “Everyone knew one another,” said Robert. “Neighborhood… Continue Reading