Christmas Society News Offered by Dec. 1907 Comet Newspaper

A few days before Christmas 1907, shortly after the noon hour, the suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hall, located about nine miles west of the city, was the scene of a beautiful wedding. Miss Cordelia Hall was united in marriage to Mr. Robert L. Dyer of this city. Rev. S.G. Ketron officiated with Miss Cora Allison serving as bridesmaid and Mr. G, S. Galliher as best man.

Wedding Feast

Following the ceremony, a wedding feast was served in superior old plantation style when quantity follows quality, being a close second. The bridal party returned to this city about six o'clock. Among those in attendance from here were: W.0. Dyer and wife, H.W. Webb and wife, H.H. Dyer and wife, J.P. Dyer, G.S. Galliher, Miss Cora Allison and others.

Planters' Hotel

At six o'clock that Christmas evening, in the parlors of the Planters' Hotel (once located at 110-12 S. Railroad Street, just a short distance from the Windsor Hotel), E.B. Hensley, proprietor and a select assemblage witnessed the marriage of Sir Charles Johnson of Ironton, OH to Mrs. Elbera McAlpin of Birmingham, AL.

The contracting parties came to this city Tuesday night on train No. 42 and expected to get married that night, but the vehicle was four hours late and delayed the ceremony. Following the service, Mr. and Mrs. McKee gave a dinner in the couples honor.

Those present were Rev. and Mrs. James J. Robinette, Pastor of the First Methodist Church (located downtown at Main and Roan streets where King's Department Store once resided), Mr. and Mrs. Hartman, W.B. Coon and wife, Mrs. Goldie Posttewait, and Mr. and Mrs. A.D. McKee. The bride and groom spent several days in the city and were honored at several dinners while present. 

Surprise Party

On the day after Christmas in 1907, several young people gave Miss Lucile McCown a surprise party at her 105 E. Unaka Avenue home. Her father was an employee of Wofford Brothers. The evening was pleasantly spent and delightful refreshments were served.

Those present were Misses Sarah Broyles, Rhea Hunter, Glennie Pence, Edith Barton, Ethel Barton, Lena Sanders, Ruth Lyle. Winnie Wheeler, Lucy Sitton, Martha Allen Martin, Mary Hardin. Messrs. Faw Broyles, Fred King, Dave Moser, John Wade, George Wade, Guy Seaver, Elmer Beals, Steve Sanders, Allen Hurlburt, Lonnie McCown and Ward Friberg.

(On a personal note, Dr. Friberg, physician and surgeon of the old Appalachian Hospital on Boone Street, proudly delivered me on Oct. 22, 1942. Mom recalled that he was very short, extremely polite and smiled a lot.) 

Home From College

The Christmas holidays brought college children home for the holidays to spend the festival week with their loved ones. Among those returning that week were Misses Rhea Hunter, Emma Lee Weiler, Glennie Pense, Frae Matson, Dora Campbell and Sarah Brace Coe. Messrs. included Oran Ward, James Young, Bronce McLain, Blaine Milborn, Faw Broyles, Hunter Galloway and Loyal Setton.

A Christmas Tree

A few days before Christmas at four to six p.m., the parlors of the Planters' Hotel were filled with children, all of whom were pleasure bent. Mr. Andrew and Lillian McKee, proprietors of the hotel, gave out Christmas trees to the schoolmates, which included their own children, Louis and Adolph. The Christmas tree and parlor were beautifully decorated. After two hours spent at play, each guest received a package from under the large tree and went merrily on his or her way.

I hope some of my readers will recognize a name or two in these six Christmas festivities. That was 109 years ago.