If City Founder, Henry Johnson, Could Have Witnessed the Future of His Town, He Would Have Grinned With Pride.

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Over the years, Johnson City acquired several city directories with many of them ending up in public libraries and local colleges. These books painted an amazing journey throughout the years. Over time, I added several volumes to my collection, including several from pricey estate sales.

In 1926, Jonesboro's H.M. Beard Won Ford Motor Company's Gas Mileage Contest Traveling 53 Miles on a Gallon of Gas

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Driving a 1926 Ford touring car on a carefully measured and monitored gallon of gasoline, H.M. Beard of Jonesboro, RFD, won first place and a cash prize of $200 in the gasoline mileage contest conducted here Saturday. He traveled 53 miles per gallon to take first place.

The Great Payne Who Specialized in Selling Miracle Remedies for Hard to Cure Drugs

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An ad in a local newspaper dated June 1906 noted that during the past three or four years, almost every large city in the United States was visited by a young man who did things of an astonishing nature. He carried a remedy that worked wonders, becoming known everywhere as "The Great Payne."

Grocery Stores (Mom and Pop and Large Ones) Were PlentifulAround Johnson City in the 1940s-1960s

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In the mid 1940s, my mother ordered groceries from Ford Wilson Grocery Store located on 200 Elm Street, which was several blocks away from where we lived in the Gardner Apartments, located at the intersection of W. Watauga Avenue and W. Market Street.

Remembering Henry Johnson School's Dedicated Music Teacher, Mary Jordan

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I have fond memories of attending Henry Johnson School (W. Market Street opposite Kiwanis Park) in the 1950s. When I transferred there after completing the first grade at West Side School, I received a warm reception from the principal, Miss Margaret Crouch who escorted Mom and me on a tour of the school.

Martha Washington College Later Became Martha Washington Inn/Hotel

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Most area residents are familiar with the Martha Washington Inn, located near Barter Theatre in downtown Abingdon, Virginia. General Francis Preston, hero of the War of 1812, had the building constructed in 1832 for his family of nine children. Over the years, it served as a women’s college, a Civil War hospital and barracks and as an inn for actors and guests of Barter Theatre.

In 1934, Science Hill High School Briefly Had Two Graduations, Two Annuals

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When I graduated from Science Hill in 1961, the high school sold one annual, “The Wataugan,” that year for those seniors graduating in May. During 1927-34, the school discontinued the popular publication, later reestablishing it as two separate editions, one in January and the other in May.

Training School Teacher Spoke at 1947 West Side School PTA Meeting

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I grew up in the 1940s about a block from West Side School that was once located at the southeast corner of Main Street and Watauga Avenue. I attended the first grade there in 1949-50 under the watchful eye of my teacher, Miss Mildred Taylor. A Johnson City Chronicle dated May 3, 1947 contained a news item that aroused my interest by mentioning several names that I recognize.