Johnson City Press Readers Respond to History/Heritage Page Topics

Today's column deals with response from four Johnson City Press History/Heritage page readers. I routinely receive requests for help pertaining to local history matters. I try to assist if possible, but sometimes I am unable to do so. Attached are four slightly paraphrased notes that I received from readers. They need your help.

Roger Garland

Concerning your article about Billy, the mascot goat at ETSC, I think I can solve your question as to what happened to him. My aunt and uncle James and Mary Lowery were caretakers of the college's farm located off Southwest Avenue, where the current married student housing is located. My Uncle Jim was also employed by the college at the physical plant. The goat you're speaking of was kept at the large barn located on that farm. I remember him and his successor Captain Kidd.

Billy, as I always knew him, was not at the barn one day. When I asked my Uncle where he was, he told me he had died and they had buried him. Later I found out that Billy was injured by the rough handling by some football players and later died of his injuries. He was then replaced by Captain Kidd, which was the meanest, most ornery goat I ever met. You had to outsmart him with diversion just to get in the barn. I hope this clarifies the mystery as to what happened to Billy the Kidd.

Diana Chesser

I enjoyed your newspaper article about the Okolona area, train stop, etc. You mentioned the Anderson family in your article. I wanted to mention that an old Anderson cabin is still standing on Anderson Road, the first road past Okolona Road on the old Erwin Highway. I have taken several photos of the old cabin. You can see if from the Old Erwin Highway. There is also an Anderson cemetery somewhere in that same vicinity.

Old Anderson Cabin in Okolona Located in the South Section of Town

Also, I wanted to mention that on Okolona Road is an area called Cave Springs. A relative of mine, Charles Burton Jones, was a teacher at Cave Springs School. I have been unable to find a photo of the school, but I do have one of Charles' children standing on the porch of the school. A couple of years ago, I contributed to the “Find A Grave” website, submitting those buried at the Cave Springs Cemetery. There are a few Haynes family members also buried there. You also mentioned this same family in your article. Again, I enjoyed your article very much.

Janice Loudy Spillman

Hi Bobby. I graduated from SHHS with you. Larry Johnson sent me your Feb. 9 column about Columbus Powell's 1952 third grade class valentines. I attended the 3rd grade at Columbus Powell but was in Miss O'Dell's class. I remember Jean Ann Senter, Bonnie Fisher, Brenda Spain, and Phyllis Arnett. Jimmy McMackin also went to Columbus Powell; I wonder if he might be the Jimmy you listed in your article. Jimmy was also in our 1961 SHHS class. Larry has shared a couple of your columns with me, the most recent one being about Cecile Mettetal's grandfather. I always enjoy them. Thank you for all the pleasant memories.

Dr. Clinton Holloway

 I graduated from Milligan College in 1995. I have read many of your articles with interest. At the school's request, I just completed a new book of about 30,000 words and 200 pictures that is slated for fall publication for the start of Milligan's 150th anniversary. In the course of our research, we found a postcard which shows opening exercises of Milligan's Student Army Training Corps (SATC) for WWI dated October 1, 1918. As the armistice was only six weeks later, that was a short lived program, but it resulted in a fire at Milligan, which is of significance to the school. The postcard was donated by Mary Hardin McCown and shows her cousin, George W. Hardin, who was named after her famous father.

The postcard shows a man on a small platform outside the administration building giving a speech. Although I cannot locate who that person is because the picture is not detailed enough, I assumed he was a politician of some sort, not wearing a military uniform. I understand State opened a SATC the same day.

Would you have any knowledge of who would have given speeches for the opening of the SATC at Milligan and ETSC on October 1, 1918? If I can be of any assistance in Milligan related research, please feel free to contact me. Kind regards.

If you can assist any of these four individuals, drop me a note and I will see that they receive it. Continuation of this column will occur in a few weeks.